How do I create a moving inspection through BostadsPortal?

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This is an article about BostadsPortal's, free of charge, service for conducting and managing moving inspections, which is currently available in Swedish. As such, the images and some phrasing in this guide may appear in Swedish.

If you have any questions or need assistance with your moving inspection reports, you're always welcome to contact BostadsPortal's Customer Service.

As a landlord with BostadsPortal, it should be easy and secure to conduct, manage, and store moving inspections. That's why we offer a free digital tool to handle and document your moving inspections.

We recommend creating and filling in parts of the moving inspection before conducting it with the tenant present. This way, you can prepare the rental property and rooms, enabling you to identify issues together without spending time creating individual rooms in the property. However, the moving inspection must be reviewed and physically signed with the tenant before the final report can be generated.

Here's how you can easily create a moving inspection through BostadsPortal:

  1. Log in to your BostadsPortal account where the relevant lease agreement is created.

  2. Click on "Create +" and then "Create moving report" and in the list, choose the rental property it concerns.

    Alternatively, you can click on 'Inspection Reports' and then '+ Skapa Besiktningsprotokoll - kostnadsfritt'

    Or go to the 'Alla hyresobjekt' tab, choose the specific rental property, and click '+ Skapa besiktningsprotokoll'

    It doesn't matter which method you choose for creating your moving inspection.

  3. Choose whether you want to create a move-in or move-out inspection.
    You will then be taken to the editing tool for the selected type of moving inspection.


  4. Fill in all details about the inspection.

    Select the lease relationship by choosing the tenant(s) linked to the rental property from the dropdown menu.


    If you have already assigned one or more tenants to the rental property, for example, under the 'Mina hyresgäster' tab or when creating a free digital rental contract through BostadsPortal, the tenant will already be on the list.

    If you want to create a new lease relationship consisting of one or more tenants, simply click on 'Nytt hyresavtal.'

    Enter the date for the notice and holding of the moving inspection.


    If you are creating a moving inspection, you will encounter this window.


    By checking the box 'Hämta fel och brister från hyresgäst' the tenant will automatically receive a link to fill in the digital moving inspection when the 14-day fault and deficiency period begins. After that, you, as the landlord, will automatically be notified and receive the tenant's completed report with documented faults and deficiencies.

    Landlord/Inspection representative is the field where you must specify the person who will practically conduct the moving inspection. It can either be you as the landlord or an inspection representative, e.g., caretaker or other administrative staff.

    If you check the box 'Gör det möjligt att delta i besiktning via länk' you will automatically generate an administrator link to the report, allowing your inspection representative to open and fill in the report via the BostadsPortal moving inspection app without needing access through your profile.

    Read more about how to open the report via link here.


    Recipient is if you need others besides yourself to receive information about the specific moving inspection (including the completed report), you can add them as recipients in this field. Just insert their email addresses, and they will receive copies after the moving inspection is completed.

    Note: This is for internal use only, e.g., if a caretaker or administrator needs access. Your tenant will automatically receive the completed report after the moving inspection, so you should not add the tenant(s) here.


    Add the inspection to the calendar if you or your inspector representative want to add the moving inspection to your/their calendar, you can do so by clicking on 'Lägg till i kalender' or creating the event as a calendar event and sending it in an email by clicking 'Skicka händelse via e-post'.

    Note: This is for internal use only, for example, if you, a caretaker, or administrator need to schedule the moving inspection. Therefore, you should not use this function to notify the tenant about the inspection.

    Learn more about how to add your moving inspection to your calendar here.


    Internt hyresobjektsnummer is if you have many rental properties, you can fill in the internal number for the specific property so you know which residence it concerns. 


  5. Fill in all information about your tenant(s) and indicate if the tenant(s) is present at the inspection.

    Whether the tenant is present or not during the moving inspection will affect how you sign the report, which is described in more detail in section 9 of this guide.



  6. Create all rooms for the rental property, including faults and deficiencies

    In this segment, you have the opportunity to create the rooms that make up your rental property and indicate if they are affected by any faults and deficiencies relevant to the moving inspection.

    During move-in inspection: You specify the condition of the rental property at move-in, e.g., if there are newly sanded floors and/or freshly painted walls, and if there are existing damages.

    During move-out inspection: You now specify all faults and deficiencies that you find during the move-out inspection.

    Learn more about how to note faults, damages, and deficiencies here.



  7. Fill in information about meter readings

    You add a meter (if it hasn't been created automatically) via '+ Lägg till mätare' and fill in the type of meter, a name/ID for the meter, and the reading at the current time.


    We recommend adding a picture of the meter after you have taken a reading by pressing '+ Lägg till bilder av mätare' as documentation.

    You can add more meters and units by clicking '+ Lägg till mätare' – for example, water, heating, gas, and oil.



  8. Add information about keys and/or entry cards to the rental property

    To document distributed and possibly lost keys and entry cards (such as key chips, etc.), we recommend specifying them in this field by clicking '+ Lägg till nyckel/Nyckelkort'

    In the 'Extra Information' field, you can add pictures of handed in or handed out keys and note specific instructions for keys to the rental property, such as special guidelines or conditions if a key is lost.



  9. Finish, sign, and send the moving inspection:

    The moving inspection is now completed, and the report is finalized by reviewing it together and then signing it – first the landlord and then for the tenant.

    The report is signed directly on the landlord's phone or tablet, so we recommend conducting the moving inspection yourself via the BostadsPortal moving inspection app.

    Learn more about how to sign and send the moving inspection here.

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