Where do I find my moving inspections?

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This is an article about BostadsPortal's, free of charge, service for conducting and managing moving inspections, which is currently available in Swedish. As such, the images and some phrasing in this guide may appear in Swedish.

If you have any questions or need assistance with your moving inspection reports, you're always welcome to contact BostadsPortal's Customer Service.

As a landlord, you can always find your upcoming, ongoing, and completed moving inspections on your BostadsPortal profile or in BostadsPortal's free inspection app. 

Learn more about our moving inspection here, you can also download it to your phone or tablet for Android or Apple IOS

Are you a tenant? When your landlord uses BostadsPortal for moving inspections, you, as a tenant, will automatically receive an email with a link to download the completed report. We recommend that you download and save it. 


How to access your moving inspections on BostadsPortal.se

    1. Log in to your profile in the upper right corner of BostadsPortal.se and click on 'Inspection report' in the menu
      You open the dropdown menu by clicking on your name. If your name is not in the upper right corner, you are not logged into your profile and need to click 'Login' first to then get access to the menu.

      Note: The website will now switch to Swedish.

       Click here to find your inspection reports.png

    2. Find the moving inspection in the list and then click on the address to open the report
      If there are many addresses on the list, you can use the search field or sort your reports with the tabs under the search field:

      'Kommande' = Prepared reports for upcoming moving reports
      '14 dagars fel och brister' = Reports that are ongoing, and are under the period where the tenant can report issues
      'Avslutade' = Completed reports where the final report is signed and ready

    3. You are now in the report, where you can download or share it further
      In the box 'Alla dokument' you can open and download the moving report in PDF format by clicking 'Hämta besiktningsprotokoll (pdf)'.

      You can also download a compiled list of all faults and deficiencies and get a repair list, which you can, for example, send to those who will fix or address major faults and deficiencies. 

      Your tenant will automatically receive an email with a link to this page. The tenant will only be able to see the overview and download the documents and will not have access to your profile or the ability to make changes. 

      If the tenant wants the link to this page resent, you can easily find the link and send it directly in the 'Länk att dela' box.

How to access your moving inspections in BostadsPortals Besiktnings app

  1. Open the app on your phone or tablet and log in with your email and password
    It is important that you use the same email that you log in to BostadsPortal.se with, for your moving reports to appear in the app. 

    After that, the procedure is the same as from point 2 in the above guide. 

Does another person need access to your moving inspections? 

If another person, such as a janitor, inspection representative, or property administrator, needs access to your moving inspections, they can always open your reports in their app via a link.

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