What to do if the tenant refuses to sign the moving inspection?

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This is an article about BostadsPortal's, free of charge, service for conducting and managing moving inspections, which is currently available in Swedish. As such, the images and some phrasing in this guide may appear in Swedish.

If you have any questions or need assistance with your moving inspection reports, you're always welcome to contact BostadsPortal's Customer Service.


This guide assumes that the tenant refuses to sign the inspection

If the tenant is willing to sign the inspection but is not present, you can read more about what to do if the tenant is not present during the inspection here.



If the tenant refuses to sign the report during the moving inspection, you should go to the last section of the inspection, titled 'Avsluta, skriv under och skicka'. There, you will find red text that says 'Avvisa underskrift' below the field where the tenant is supposed to sign.

It is recommended to wait until the tenant has received a copy of the report via email and/or SMS before clicking 'Avvisa'. If the tenant clicks the link, the timestamp is recorded in the timeline of the report, providing you with evidence that the tenant has received the report.

tenant refuses to sign report reject signature.png

Complete the process by clicking the 'Skicka och avsluta' button.

Afterwards, the inspection will be sent to the tenant via SMS and email. In this email, we ask the tenant to confirm receipt by responding directly to you via email. Therefore, be attentive to whether the tenant does this.


Important: If the tenant also refuses to confirm receipt of the inspection report

If the tenant also refuses to confirm receipt of the inspection report, sent in writing to you, you must send it to the tenant's postal address with proof of delivery within 14 days after the inspection is completed.


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