What is a moving inspection?

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It is not mandatory to inspect your residence, but it provides security for all parties involved and avoids potential conflicts. We always recommend conducting both move-in and move-out inspections, as it ensures your ability to claim compensation from the tenant for any necessary repairs. With BostadsPortal's free digital moving inspection, there are no excuses.


The moving inspection is documented with a report at move-in and another when the tenant moves out of the residence. The reports describe the condition of the residence and any faults and deficiencies present.


During the moving inspection, you and the tenant can go through the different rooms, note the condition, add pictures, and document any issues in the various rooms. The report is then sent to the tenant, who confirms it on their tablet/mobile phone.


The tenant has 14 days to report additional faults and deficiencies in the residence. If you, as the landlord, do not address these issues, they, together with the moving inspection, serve as an overview of things the tenant will not be responsible for upon move-out. 


When using our digital moving inspection, the information is automatically transferred from the report created at move-in and move-out, making it quick to assess how the condition of the residence has deteriorated. The move-out inspection is then used as a checklist of items that need attention.

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