How do I register readings for consumption meters in the moving inspection?

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This is an article about BostadsPortal's, free of charge, service for conducting and managing moving inspections, which is currently available in Swedish. As such, the images and some phrasing in this guide may appear in Swedish.

If you have any questions or need assistance with your moving inspection reports, you're always welcome to contact BostadsPortal's Customer Service.

When using the BostadsPortal inspection tool, you can easily document your meter readings when your tenant moves in or out, if it is relevant to you.

You can also add multiple types of meters, such as electricity, water, and oil, with just a few clicks.

Under 'Mätaravläsning' in the specific inspection, click on 'Lägg till mätare'. You will now enter the type of meter, name/installation number, and consumption.

  1. Go to the relevant inspection and navigate to the 'Mätaravläsning' tab

    Meter Reading create new.png

  2. Click on '+ Lägg till mätare' 

    Meter Reading add new.png

  3. Select the meter you want to add from the dropdown menu at the top
    There will be predefined options for both meter type and measurement unit, including options like heating, electricity, oil, and gas.

    If you need to add a reading for a unit not in the list, you can always choose the 'Annat' option and add a description of the meter in the 'Namn/Anläggnings ID' field.

  4. You can now add the reading in the 'Avläsning' field and finish by clicking 'Lägg till'
    After that, you will return to the 'Mätaravläsning' section, where your meter is now added. You can also add your reading in this field.

    To further document the reading, we recommend adding a picture of the meter by clicking '+ Lägg till bilder av mätare'.

    Meter Reading add image.png








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