What can I use BostadsPortal for as a landlord?

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When using BostadsPortal to find your next tenant, you have a variety of options and services available to help you. Amongst these services, you will find everything you need from start to finish.

In this guide:

Advertising your rentable

When you're looking to find a tenant for your property, you can easily list your rental on BostadsPortal's website. Simply create a free user profile to get started. Learn more about how to do this here.

Once you've registered as a user, you can start creating your listing for free.

When creating your listing, there are many details you can add to make it stand out.

Ad information - Rooms, size, rent.png

Besides the basics like property type, size, number of rooms, and photos, you should also include a catchy title and a detailed description. A good description helps make your listing more attractive to potential tenants.

You can also specify if pets are allowed, if the property is shareable, if there’s parking, and if it has amenities like a washer and dryer, among other things.

This extra information can help make your listing even more appealing.

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What types of accommodation can I advertise on BostadsPortal?

On BostadsPortal you can advertise a variety of different types of rentables such as rooms, apartments, houses and cabins.

Whether you are looking to rent out long-term or trying to find a tenant for short-term, you can advertise your rental on our website.

Since BostadsPortal users typically search for long-term accommodation, the rental period for your listing must be a minimum of 1 month to be advertised on our website.


Can I swap my home on BostadsPortal?

BostadsPortal is a platform dedicated to renting out homes. It focuses exclusively on connecting landlords with potential tenants for rental agreements.

As such, advertisements for home swaps, where two parties exchange their homes with each other, are not allowed on BostadsPortal.


Can I sell accommodation on BostadsPortal?

BostadsPortal is mainly for landlords looking to rent out their homes and tenants looking to find a place to live. It's not a platform for selling homes.

However, you can advertise a home for rent even if it's for sale if you want to rent it out until it is sold, as long as you clearly mention this in the advertisement. The rental period should also be less than one year.

Can I promote my listing on BostadsPortal?

On BostadsPortal you have the option to purchase various promotion options to boost your advertisements visibility and draw attention from prospective tenants. 

There are three different promotion options you can choose from - Read more about each of the promotions by clicking on the name.

Top ad
Appear at the top of search results
This highlighting option is particularly relevant for housing ads in larger cities with high competition. With a top ad, you ensure that you continue to be visible to prospective tenants. 

Free contact

Allow everyone to contact you for free
This highlighting option is particularly relevant for housing ads in smaller areas where the demand for housing is not as high. With Free contact, everyone interested can contact you, regardl
ess of whether they have paid access to BostadsPortal or not. 
Get top ads and Free contact, be shared on Facebook, in Search Agent emails, and be displayed on similar ads in the same and nearby areas 
This promotion option is particularly relevant for housing ads that need to reach as many people as possible. If you're having trouble renting out your property, we recommend that you use the exposure package, which gives you maximum visibility. 

All promotion options are renewed automatically until cancelled or the rental is marked as reserved or rented out, unless there is a special agreement with BostadsPortal. 

All promotion can be cancelled at any time without commitment. 

Read more about how to promote your advertisement here.

What can I use the service 'Find new tenant' for?

Once your listing is active on BostadsPortal, you have the option to reach out to people searching for housing in the same area as your advertisement.

You can view their search profiles, which may include relevant information such as whether they have pets, children, or if they smoke.

Here, you can directly contact the people on the list who are looking for housing.

You can read more about the 'Find new tenant' service here.

Can I create a rental contract through BostadsPortal?

When you have found a tenant for your rental, you can create a free digital rental contract directly on your profile on BostadsPortal.

Please note that this service is only available in Swedish, so the website will switch to Swedish when you click on 'Rental contracts' on your profile.

With the rental contract builder on BostadsPortal, you can easily create and complete your rental contract step-by-step.

Once you have filled out the contract, you can send it for signing through the website. Your tenant will then receive an email with a link for signature.

Since the rental contract is digital, it must also be signed digitally. We here have BankID as an option for the signing process.

If you need help with finding the rental contract builder, you can follow this guide.

Please note that BostadsPortal does not provide legal advice, and as a landlord, you should consult with a lawyer if you are in doubt or want to ensure that the contract is filled out correctly in your specific case.

Can I create a Moving In-report through BostadsPortal?

With a free digital Moving In-report created using BostadsPortal's template, you can easily and securely create a comprehensive move-in report.

Our template ensures that you include all necessary details, including photo documentation and detailed descriptions.

Additionally, the move-in report is automatically sent to the tenant along with a link where they can report any "errors and omissions" within 14 days. This process helps you meet your requirements as a landlord.

Please note that this service is currently only available in Swedish.

Can I create a Moving Out-report through BostadsPortal?

With our free digital move-out report, you can quickly and easily review the condition of the various rooms and add pictures and descriptions directly to the inspection report.

When you have completed the moving out inspection report, you can send it for digital signature by the tenant. You will automatically receive a receipt for handing over the report to the tenant.

Please note that this service is currently only available in Swedish.




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