Can I promote my advertisement? and how can I do so?

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Improve your rental process with BostadsPortal's promotion features.

When listing your rental on BostadsPortal, you have the option to buy various promotional enhancements. These are designed to boost your ad's visibility and draw attention from prospective tenants.


Choose from 3 promotion options for landlords

Top ad
Appear at the top of search results
This highlighting option is particularly relevant for housing ads in larger cities with high competition. With a top ad, you ensure that you continue to be visible to prospective tenants. 
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Free contact

Allow everyone to contact you for free
This highlighting option is particularly relevant for housing ads in smaller areas where the demand for housing is not as high. With Free contact, everyone interested can contact you, regardl
ess of whether they have paid access to BostadsPortal or not. 
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Get top ads and Free contact, be shared on Facebook, in SearchAgent emails, and be displayed on similar ads in the same and nearby areas 
This promotion option is particularly relevant for housing ads that need to reach as many people as possible. If you're having trouble renting out your property, we recommend that you use the exposure package, which gives you maximum visibility. 
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All promotion options are renewed automatically until cancelled or the rental is marked as reserved or rented out, unless there is a special agreement with BostadsPortal. 

All promotion can be cancelled at any time without commitment. 



How do I promote my listing?

To purchase a promotion for your advertisement, simply go to the advertisement you wish to promote and click on '+ Promote rentable'. Here you will be presented to the different promotion options and their prices.

When you have chosen the promotion option that suits you, you can simply click on 'Buy' and follow the steps provided on the website.

Click here to promote your rentable.png

Note: You purchase all promotions as a subscription that automatically renews itself until it is canceled or your rental is marked as reserved or rented out.

How does a Top ad work?

With a top ad, your rental property can be displayed at the very top of the housing seekers' list view.

When a user searches for a rental on BostadsPortal, the advertisements that match their search and have a top ad added will be presented first.

This is where your top ad will be placed.png

As shown in the picture above, there is space for three promoted advertisements. If there are more than three promoted advertisements that match the housing seekers search, the advertisements will be placed in a 'carousel', which continuously rotates every time the page refreshes. This way all the promoted advertisements are equally exposed.

If the housing seeker clicks on 'More promoted ads', the 'carousel' will rotate and the seeker will then be presented with three new promoted ads.

In addition to being promoted to the top of the searches in the 'carousel', your advertisement will remains its original position in the search results.


How does Free contact work?

If a housing seeker wants to contact a landlord they must have an active housing search subscription. With the promotion option Free contact the housing seekers can freely contact you via your advertisement, regardless of whether they have an active subscription or not.

When you purchase the Free contact-promotion, your advertisement will feature a green banner with the text Free contact. This way, your ad stands out from the rest, and it becomes clear to everyone that the paywall had been removed for your rental property.

Here you can see the free contact banner.png


How does Exposure work?

With the promotion option Exposure, you get the full benefit and maximum exposure of your advertisement across all our channels. 

You will get:

  • All benefits from Top ad and Free contact
  • Visibility in similar ads
  • Visibility in searches in nearby areas
  • Segmented advertising on Facebook
  • Advertising in Search Agent mails to home seekers


We are here to help

Whether you have questions about your options for promoting your property listings or need help with practical matters, we are always ready to assist.

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