Can I edit a contract after it has been sent for signature?

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Note: This is an article about BostadsPortal's free service for creating and managing rental contracts, which is currently available in Swedish. Therefore, images and some phrasing in this guide may appear in Swedish. If you have any questions or need assistance with your rental contracts, you're always welcome to contact BostadsPortal's Customer Service


If you want to make changes to a digital rental contract, that has been signed or sent for signature, you can, in some cases, revoke the contract. 

Your options to cancel or edit a sent rental contract depend on how many parties have signed. 


How to edit a digital rental contract that is:


If one party or none have signed: Cancel the request

If you want to edit a rental contract that has been sent for signature but either hasn't been signed at all or has only been signed by one party, you need to cancel the signature request. 

  1. Click on the field 'Rental contracts'/'Hyreskontrakt' in the blue menu bar in your BostadsPortal user profile.
    Please note that the language will now switch to Swedish.

  2. Find the rental contract you want to edit, and press 'Gå till översikt' 

  3. Press the red button labeled 'Avbryt förfrågan' and confirm the cancellation 

  4. The rental contract will now be moved to the tab 'Utkast', and you can edit the contract by clicking 'Fyll i kontrakt'.
    Once all your changes are made, the rental contract must be sent for signature again. 


Please note that the tenant will receive direct notification via email and SMS that the rental contract has been canceled. It may therefore be advantageous to inform your tenant that the cancellation is due to a correction in the rental contract and that the tenant will soon receive a new rental contract for signature. 


Both tenant and landlord have signed: 

When both parties have signed the rental contract, it is legally binding and valid. Therefore, you can no longer edit the rental contract. 

You instead have the option to agree with your tenant to create a new rental contract. Here, it is important at minimum:

  • Tenant and landlord document the agreement to disregard the initial rental contract, ensuring clarity on which rental contract is valid. 
  • It is described why the original contract is canceled.
  • Tenant provides written consent for the one contracts to replace the other. 

Please note that BostadsPortal does not provide legal advice, and as a landlord, you should consult with a lawyer if you are in doubt or want to ensure that the contract is filled out correctly in your specific case. 




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