You can always make changes or add information to your search profile on BostadsPortal.


Why should i fill out my profile?

Creating a good and comprehensive description of yourself on your profile can significantly impact your success rate. Many landlords actively use your user profile to form an impression of you as a tenant.

Landlords on BostadsPortal also have the option to actively search through BostadsPortal's active user profiles, and many of them do. The better you create your profile, the greater the chance that you will be offered properties directly by the landlords themselves.

Changing name and email address:
You cannot change the name and email address associated with your account yourself. This is because your profile is private and for personal use. If you wish to change this information, you need to contact BostadsPortal's customer service in writing.


How to change the information on your search profile on BostadsPortal

  1. Go to your search profile
    You access your profile by clicking on your profile picture and then your name in the upper right corner of BostadsPortal's front page.

  2. Add your changes
    You can edit your details, information, profile text, and profile picture yourself.


If you want to change your Search Agent – that is your e-mail notification service regarding new rentals – you should click on Search Agents in the blue menu to the left.




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