How do I contact a landlord on BostadsPortal?

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If you are interested in a property on BostadsPortal, you can contact the landlord directly through the options available in the listings on the website. 

How to get in touch with a landlord

Go to the listing you are interested in and click on either 'Contact' or 'To the landlord'.

If you have purchased a subscription and are logged in to your account on BostadsPortal, a contact form will appear where you can write to the landlord. Alternatively, an external website may open where you can apply for the property using the form provided there.

If the landlord has a telephone number, it will be located directly below the button, allowing you to call the landlord directly. You can only call a landlord if the phone number is provided here.

If you have not yet created a profile and purchased a subscription on BostadsPortal, you will instead be presented with payment options for the subscription required to contact landlords. You can read more about how to create a profile and a subscription here.

Do you get presented with payment options after already purchasing a subscription?

If you have an active subscription but encounter issues contacting landlords, it might indicate that you aren't logged in with the user for which the subscription is created.

If you have multiple email addresses, ensure that you are logged in with the correct user. If you've forgotten your password, you can always click on 'Forgot Password' when attempting to log in.


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