How do I write a good application to the landlord?

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If you're not receiving any response from the landlord and still haven't been invited to a viewing

We understand it can be frustrating if you're not getting enough responses, despite reaching out to several landlords. Housing search can be competitive, and many landlords receive a large number of messages from interested individuals.

However, there are many things you can do to increase your chances of landlords wanting to read and respond to your messages - and ultimately choosing you as a tenant.


Good advice for searching for housing on BostadsPortal:

  • Think of your housing search as applying for a job - "Hello. I'm interested" probably won't get you the 'job.'
  • Understand that you're likely not the only interested tenant applying for the property.
  • Write a detailed and engaging housing application that gives an impression of who you are as a tenant.
  • Highlight things about yourself that describe who you are - like special interests or fun facts.
  • Fill out your user profile carefully - landlords use them to sort through inquiries.
  • Understand that landlords may not always be able to respond immediately.

Read more below, where we expand on the different points and provide good advice for your housing application.


Think of your housing search as a job application:

Just like employers, many landlords actively search for a suitable tenant for their rental property - someone who meets the preferences and requirements they have for a future tenant.

Landlords often start by contacting applicants who make a good first impression. A good description of yourself significantly increases your chances. Messages without a description or like "I'm interested!" or "When can I see the property?" often end up at the bottom of the pile.

When you send a message to a landlord via BostadsPortal, your message will look like this for the landlord:

This is how the message looks from the landlords POV.png

They see both your message - what you type when you click on 'Contact' on an ad - and your profile - the one you fill in with a picture and description.

Therefore, it's a good idea to put effort into both and not just copy your profile text as your message to the landlord.


How do I create a good profile?

Your search profile works a bit like a CV. It quickly gives the landlord an overview of whether you fit their preferences.

Many landlords start their sorting by reviewing applicants based on the information they've provided in their search profile. You may risk being sorted out even if you fit the landlord's preferences because you haven't filled out your profile.

You fill out your profile by clicking on your name and profile picture in the upper right corner of or by clicking on 'My profile' and then 'Edit your profile' in the lower left corner of the BostadsPortal App.

Tell a little about who you are, what you do daily, and how you spend your free time. Landlords are often in a hurry, so keep it short but interesting. Ask yourself if your profile text describes you accurately, if it's interesting, and if it can be made shorter.

An example of a profile text may look like the one below. 

Profile text on BostadsPortal.pngRemember that there's no right or wrong way to search for housing. Some landlords actively seek younger individuals, while others look for established families or seniors.


Do you have pets?

If you check the pet box, we recommend adding a few words about what type of pet you have, how many, and how they fit into your daily life. Many landlords don't mind pets in their rentals but have specific requirements regarding number, size, and the like.


How do I write a good message to the landlord?

When you click on 'Contact' on an ad, you have the opportunity to send the landlord a message. It may be tempting to quickly send something, but the more effort you put into this message, the greater the chances of being invited to a viewing.

There's no fixed recipe for a good application message, but consider the following:

  • Why are you specifically applying for that property?
  • What do you do daily in terms of work, studies, or similar?
  • How long do you plan to stay?
  • What type of tenant are you?
  • What interests you or fills your daily life?

Don't hesitate to relate to the property you're applying for in your message. Is it the area, the garden, the building style, the laundry room, the size, the herringbone floors, or something else that is exactly what you dream of? Feel free to link a few words to it.


Keep it short and interesting

Many landlords receive many messages, so try to keep it short (but not too short) and exciting.

Especially in larger cities or popular areas, it can be an advantage to try to stand out a little.

Do you play an unusual instrument or engage in a different sport? A little extra about yourself can make the landlord remember you over other applicants.

However, avoid clichés, such as being responsible, calm, mature, and the like.

If your housing search has stalled, you're always welcome to contact customer service if you want specific tips and advice on how to improve your application process.

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