How do I remove my rental listing from BostadsPortal?

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When you have found a tenant, you can remove your rental property from BostadsPortal by marking it as rented out. After this, prospective tenants will no longer be able to search for the property. You will still be able to see the rental property under 'Advertised rentables' and 'All rentables'. It is not possible to delete only the advertisement, but you have the option to delete the entire rental property (including any rental contracts and inspection reports) under 'All rentables'.

If you want to mark your advertisement as 'rented out' or reserved' you can follow this guide.


How do I delte my rental property from BostadsPortal

If you want to delte your entire rentable property from BostadsPortal - including rental contracts, moving reports etc., you can follow the following steps. 
It is important to say, that the deletion of a rentable on BostadsPortal is permanet and cannot be undone.

  1. Log in to your profile on BostadsPortal and click on 'All Rentables'
    To delte your rentable start by clicking on all rentables.png

  2. Click on the address of the rentable you want to delete
    Click on address to delete.png

  3. Click on 'Delete rentable'
    Click on 'Delete rentable' and follow the steps provided on the website. 
    Click on delete to delete rentable.png




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