How do I rent out a property on BostadsPortal?

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To rent out your apartment on BostadsPortal, you need to follow a few steps to create an ad and make your rental property available. To create an ad for your rental property on BostadsPortal, you must be logged into your user profile.

Creating and advertising your rental property on BostadsPortal is free.

If you don't already have a profile on BostadsPortal, you can create one by clicking 'Login' in the top right corner of and then pressing 'Sign up here'.

Once you are logged in to your user account, you can follow the guide below.

How to create an ad on BostadsPortal

  • Click on 'Create +' at the top of the homepage and then 'Rent out now' in the dropdown menu

    Start by clicking on 'Rent out now'.png

  • Click the '+ Create rentable' button

     klicka på 'skapa hyresobjekt'.png

    Already have an ad on BostadsPortal? 
    If you've already created an ad on your profile, it will appear in the list of rental properties. In that case, choose the existing rental property from the list before creating a new one. 

    Then you can proceed directly to step 5.


  • Enter the complete address for your residence
    It is important to provide the exact address for the property you are renting out, including the street number and apartment number. If the address doesn't appear in the search, you can manually enter it by clicking on 'Can't find the address?'
    write the address and choose the right one from the list below.png

  • Fill in details about the rentable
    It is important to enter the correct apartment number if you are renting out an apartment, as this determines the floor displayed for the residence.
    Click on 'create 1 rentable'.png

  • Fill in all information about the residence, such as rent, move-in date, appliances, etc. Add text and preferably images to the ad. 
    A detailed and comprehensive ad with pictures and engaging text will generate more interest from potential tenants.

    Get more information on each point and tips for a good ad here

    We go through, point by point, how to correctly and optimally fill in each part of the ad.


    Add pictures and videos to your ad, the more, the better.

    You can only upload images with types .jpg, .jpeg, .jpng, and .png, with a maximum size of 10MB each.
    You cannot upload PDF or HEIC files.

    Good, well-lit pictures are crucial for attracting potential tenants. Consider adding photos of all rooms and outdoor areas, preferably in chronological order.

    Including a floor plan provides a useful overview, so consider adding one—preferably as the last picture. If you don't have an official floor plan, a hand-drawn one is also acceptable.

    Pay attention to the order of the pictures. The sequence in which you upload them will be how they are displayed in your ad. Make sure the best picture is set as the primary image, as this is the first thing visitors will see.

    Add more pictures with the 'Browse files...' button
    Remove pictures by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner of the image and then 'Remove image'
    Rearrange pictures with the arrows '← →'
    Rotate pictures with the circular arrow ''

    These are the options you have with your pictures.png


    Make sure that the number of rooms and size is correct.png

    Adjust the number of rooms if needed.

    At BostadsPortal, all rental ads must be approved by our internal validation team. If the rooms do not match what is being rented out, we will contact you and request verification.


    Make sure that the number of rooms and size is correct.png

    Adjust the total area for your property according to the instructions in the previous step.

    Note: The total size, i.e., the number of square meters you specify, must match for the entire property you are renting out. If you are only renting out a room, the size on the advertisement has to fit the room, and not the entire property.


    If your property has extra square meters – like a large attic or a basement not approved for residence – you cannot include these square meters in your ad. However, you can mention it in your ad text.

    "Renovated house with 102 sqm + large basement with 50 sqm with two extra rooms and laundry room" 

    "Bright apartment with 74 sqm and a large attic of 12 sqm in full height"


    At BostadsPortal, all rental ads must be approved by our internal validation team. If something doesn't match what is being rented out, we will contact you and request verification.

    Monthly Rent

    choose how much you want to take in monthly rent.png

    Specify the monthly rent for the property, excluding operating costs. The rent for the property should be reasonable.


    Operating Costs

    choose how much you want to take in utilities.png

    Specify the estimated operating costs you want to charge in addition to the rent.

    What are operating costs? These are the expenses you have to live in the property beyond what you pay in rent. Documentation of the tenant's consumption is required to claim this. 



    choose how much you want to take in deposit.png

    Specify the amount you want to charge as a deposit from the tenant – this is security for potential costs related to renovation upon move-out. The burden of proof for expenses related to this falls on you as the landlord. A useful tool for this is BostadsPortal's inspection tool.

    Move-out Inspection

    With a move-out inspection, you can ensure that you have documentation of the condition of the property you are renting out. This documentation can be used as a reference in case of disputes at any time.

    Read more about why you should do a move-out inspection during move-in and move-out here.

    Note: You can charge a maximum amount equivalent to 3 months' rent excluding fees.
    For example, if the rent is 7,500 SEK excluding fees, you can charge up to 22,500 SEK as a deposit.

    By clicking on the fields '1 month's,' '2 month's,' or '3 month's' in blue under the field, it automatically calculates the correct deposit for you.

    Rental Period

    Choose the rental period and the move in date.png

    Enter the desired rental period.

    We do not allow rentals of less than one month on BostadsPortal. 

    If you specify the rental period as '1-11 months,' '12-23 months,' or '24+ months,' we strongly recommend mentioning the period in your ad text and specifying a timeframe.

    Generally, rental periods are unlimited unless there are specific exceptions, such as a limited contract or if it is a sublet.

    Move-in Date

    Choose the rental period and the move in date.png

    If you have a specific date when your rental is available for move-in, note or select the date on the calendar.

    If your rental is available now and ready for move-in, you can click on the field 'As soon as possible.'

    Lifestyle, Facilities, and Inventory

    Check off the things that are part of the rental.png

    Check the field(s) that are relevant to your rental property. For example, if the property is senior-friendly and there is an elevator in the building.

    Facilities attract more views: Many of our property seekers use filtering when looking for a property to only see relevant ads.

    This means that you may not appear in the search results for those interested in a property with a balcony, even if your rental has a balcony, if you have not specified it in this field.

    Therefore, we strongly recommend checking the fields that are relevant to your property – even if you have also written this information in the ad text.

    Dive into the ad text: You can always specify this information in your ad text – for example, that 'Furnished' means leaving your sofa and bed in place.


    write a title and description for your ad.png

    Write the desired headline for the ad, i.e., the title of the ad.

    Highlight the unique features of your property: Along with your primary ad image, your title is the first thing potential tenants see in their search results. Be sure to write a title that stands out and is appealing.

    Highlight some of the unique features of your property in your title – for example,

    "Spacious studio apartment within cycling distance to the university and city center"

    "Bright townhouse with a large garden, close to shopping and playgrounds"

    "Charming townhouse with a south-facing courtyard, near the forest and beach"


    Avoid repetition: When your ad is online on BostadsPortal, size, type, and square meterage will automatically be displayed under the property image. Therefore, avoid repeating this information in your title.


    write a title and description for your ad.png

    Write a good and comprehensive description here.

    Like the title, the description of the rental is crucial for the interest you will generate.

    Potential tenants often have many questions, so the more information you provide in your description, the better.

    Dive into details about the property: Describe the property's specific amenities – even those you have marked in the overview, and elaborate more on those that need further explanation.
    Highlight the positives: If your property has features such as a south-facing balcony, herringbone floors, built-in wardrobes, or a dishwasher, it can be particularly attractive to many property seekers.

    You can also describe the location of the property to stand out – for example, if your home is near popular cultural places, beautiful nature, or within a short distance to attractive educational institutions.


    Example of a good ad text:


    Reference Number

    choose if you want add an internal ID.png

    Here, you have the opportunity to add a unique number to your ad.

    A reference number is a unique identifier that you can use to organize and keep track of your property ads. It can be useful if you have multiple properties to rent out.

    It is only visible to you as an advertiser and is not shared with property seekers or potential tenants. It is an internal reference that helps you manage your property ads more efficiently.


    choose if you want to offer a digital showing.png

    Here, you have the opportunity to offer a digital tour of your rental. A digital tour makes your viewing more flexible. It allows you to showcase the property on video, for example, via FaceTime or Skype.

    Contact Options

    Choose how the seekers can contact you.png

    Specify how you want to be contacted by interested property seekers.

    You can choose whether you want to be contacted via BostadsPortal's secure inbox, by phone, or both.

    With the BostadsPortal inbox, it is easy and quick to get an overview of your inquiries and communicate with property seekers.


    Free, Digital Rental Contract

    Choose if you want to use BostadsPortals rental contract.png

    Here, you have the opportunity to let BostadsPortal automatically create a valid rental contract template for your rental.

    Read more about BostadsPortal's digital rental contract tool here.


  • Complete by pressing 'Submit'
    You can always press 'Save as Draft' if you are not ready to put the ad online or if you need to come back and fill in more information at a later time.

    We recommend pressing 'Submit' when you are completely ready and have filled in all information about the property, including any voluntary details. 


  • Wait for Approval
    Once you have created your advertisement, it will have the status 'Waiting for approval'. This means your listing has been submitted for manual approval by BostadsPortal's validation team to ensure it is filled out correctly and comprehensively.

    We approve listings continuously - both during the day and evening.



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