How do I choose the right rental period for my rentable?

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In general, a rental agreement is always made for an unlimited period. Exceptions may occur if you, as a landlord, create a time-limited contract or if the property is sublet. Usually, you must have a valid reason for a time-limited rental.

If you wish to advertise your rental property on BostadsPortal, please note that the rental period must be at least 1 month in accordance with our terms.



An unlimited rental contract typically refers to a permanent rental with no fixed end date. This generally means that the landlord cannot terminate the tenancy unless the tenant breaches the lease agreement.


The rental period is specified for a fixed duration. The lease agreement automatically terminates at the end of this period. If the lease contract does not include termination provisions, neither the tenant nor the landlord can end the agreement prematurely. The justification for the time-limited rental period must be clearly stated in the lease contract.


The current tenant sublets part or all of their rental property for a limited period. Subletting is almost always time-limited, ranging from one month to two years. After two years, the right of possession may apply unless it has been waived in the contract.


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