Can I write a message to multiple tenants in one go?

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As a landlord, you can easily and quickly respond to multiple messages from prospective tenants at once. For example, if you're selecting a group of people who all need an invitation to a viewing or if you want to send rejections to all those who weren't chosen as tenants.

This way, you can provide excellent service to everyone without spending unnecessary time writing to each individual person who has shown interest in your property.


How to respond to multiple prospective tenants at the same time

  1. Select all the people you want to send the same message to in your inbox
    Here, you can use the 'Filter' option to sort your inquiries or use the flag function, allowing you to filter your inquiries based on the red, yellow, or green flags you have assigned.

  2. Write your message in the field or use one of your standard messages
    With standard message templates, you can insert your message with just a few clicks, such as a standard rejection.

  3. Click on 'Send'
    Your message will now be sent to each individual prospective tenant you have selected.

    No group chat is created, and it is not visible to the prospective tenants that you have sent the same message to multiple individuals or that you may be using a standard message.



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