What do I do when I have received enough applications?

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You always have the option to close for further inquiries by marking your rental property as reserved. You do this by clicking on your profile picture and then on 'Advertised rentals'. Based on the address in question, simply click on the three dots and then on 'Mark as reserved'.

This will close the inbox, so new housing seekers can no longer contact you. Note that this function can only be used temporarily. If you do not reopen the ad within 14 days, the ad status will automatically change to rented and will be removed from the site.

If you already know that it will take more than 14 days before you open up for renting again, you can advantageously mark the property as rented, so the housing seekers do not wait unnecessarily long for a response. When you are ready to rent out again, simply click on 'Advertise' again.

If the property has been marked as rented for more than 31 days, it will automatically get a new advertising date. However, if less than 31 days have passed, the advertising time will be the same day as before. In practice, this means that if you mark your rental property as rented on 1/1, it will not get a new date until you re-advertise the property on 2/2.

Alternatively, promoting your ad would be a good idea. Read more about our promoting options here.




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