How do I change my payment information?

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Since your card details are not visible to BostadsPortal but are sent directly with a secure encrypted link directly to our payment provider there is, unfortunately, no possibility to update your card details.

The only option is to cancel your subscription, wait until it expires, and then make the purchase again with your new card.

If you want to use a new payment method, please follow this guide

  1. Cancel your current subscription via the menu and 'Subscriptions'

  2. Wait until the subscription has expired
    You can see the time when your subscription expires after you have canceled it. 

  3. Once the subscription has expired, you can start a new subscription with the new card
    You can reactivate the new subscription by clicking on 'Contact' or 'Go to landlord' in an advertisement. 


There is nothing that disappears from your profile if you cancel your subscription and buy a new one at a later time. 



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