What is Company Access? And how do I get it?

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If you are searching for accommodation for only one individual/family/group, you can follow this guide instead.

If your company seeks accommodations for multiple individuals, you can obtain Company Access on BostadsPortal. This feature allows you to search on behalf of numerous individuals from a single profile.

Our company access is for companies and organisations searching on behalf of worksforce, municipalities searching on behalf of citizens or relocation- or staffing agencies searching on behalf of clients.


How to get Company Access on BostadsPortal

Create a free seeker-profile on Bostadsportal.se

First, you will need to create a free seeker-profile on Bostadsportal.se. To do so, you can follow the following steps;

      1. Go to Bostadsportal.se and click on 'Login' in the top-right-corner


      2. Click on 'Sign up here' to create a new profile


      3. Fill out the fields


Send an e-mail to info@bostadsportal.se with the following information:

When you are done creating your seeker-profile, you now have to send an e-mail to info@bostadsportal.se with the following information.

  • The e-mail address used for the created user profile and name of the contact person(s).
  • Company name, address and phone number.
  • Invoice e-mail and internal reference if needed.
  • Company ID number or other official documentation needed on the invoice for your tax registration.
  • The estimated amount of properties (households) needed within the timeframe of a year.

Company Access pricing

The pricing for Company Access is determined by the number of properties (households) you intend to search within a year. On the price list below you can see the corresponding rates based on your company's search requirements.

Bostad prisliste company access.png



To get Company Access you have to accept the terms and conditions stated below.

      Terms and conditions    
  • You sign up and prepay via invoice for a yearly agreement.
  • The contact on the agreement has access to search for accommodation on behalf of the relevant seekers/tenants.
  • The agreement is based on an estimated amount of properties needed within the timeframe of a year.
  • All contact with the landlords must be regarding the specific rentable on behalf of a specific seeker (individual/family/group of people sharing accommodation).
  • All rental agreements are made with standard rental terms and monthly rent for an agreed timeframe or unlimited time with agreed standard cancellation. The agreement can be made and signed by the company representative or directly by the tenant.

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