Is my information safe with BostadsPortal?

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At BostadsPortal, we always handle and store your information correctly and securely in accordance with the applicable legislation.

Therefore, you can safely create a profile and use BostadsPortal to rent or lease properties.

Here's how we secure your sensitive information:

  • Other users do not see your email address or full name.
    The landlords will see the name you have written in your profile when you contact them via the message system. 
  • Your password is encrypted. This means that no one else can see your password, not even BostadsPortal employees.
  • All online payments to BostadsPortal are encrypted. You can pay with your credit card and Apple Pay on our website, or through Google Play and iTunes via our app. Your payment information is handled confidentially by our suppliers. We, at BostadsPortal, do not store credit card numbers, security codes, or other information from your payment card.

You can read more about how we store and process your information in BostadsPortal's Privacy Policy.



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