What does it cost to search for housing on BostadsPortal?

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To contact landlords on BostadsPortal, you need an active housing search subscription. Here are several options to choose from:

  • 24-hour subscription for 29 SEK
    Automatically renews after 24 hours and continues as a subscription with automatic renewal every 28th day for 298 SEK.
    Note: Only for new users.
  • 4-week subscription for 298 SEK
    Automatically renews every 28 days for 298 SEK.
  • 2-months subscription for 425 SEK
    Automatically renews every 62 days for 425 SEK.

All our subscriptions come with automatic renewal, no binding, and can be canceled at any time within the active payment period.

Our subscription solution helps you on your way to a new home. Through our package, you gain access to contact landlords on BostadsPortal. This can be done either directly through the portal or via a link to an interest form on an external website. In such cases as the latter, it may be required for you to register again.

Why does it cost to use BostadsPortal?

You can use BostadsPortal without a subscription. You can search for housing, save your favorites, and sign up for as many Housing Agents as you like, so you automatically receive email notifications when new listings match your criteria.

However, as we are a large company that facilitates contact between landlords and tenants, we charge a fixed subscription fee for our service. This ensures you a serious platform where you can find your next home.



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