Can I send a list of actions to my craftsmen after the moving inspection?

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This is an article about BostadsPortal's, free of charge, service for conducting and managing moving inspections, which is currently available in Swedish. As such, the images and some phrasing in this guide may appear in Swedish.

If you have any questions or need assistance with your moving inspection reports, you're always welcome to contact BostadsPortal's Customer Service.

Once you have created and completed an inspection, the system will automatically generate a list of actions in PDF format based on the issues and deficiencies you have in the report.

You can easily download this list and forward it to relevant craftsmen and/or cleaning staff.

To download the list of actions, go to the 'Besiktningsprotokoll' tab on your profile, then open the relevant completed inspection report. On this page, under the 'Alla dokument' section, you can download the maintenance list and inspection protocol.

Maintenance list in inspection protocol for craftsmen or cleaning staff.png

View maintenance list for cleaners or craftsmen.png

In the maintenance list, the issues are sorted by the type of action needed, providing a straightforward overview of what needs painting, sanding, cleaning, etc.

Once you have downloaded the maintenance list in PDF format, you can forward it to the relevant individuals responsible for addressing the issues, such as craftsmen and/or cleaning staff.




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