Can I promote my rentable?

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Absolutely, you have three different options for this and they make your ad more visible to all applicants.

  • Top ad: Your ad is visible at the top of all relevant searches
  • Open ad: All potential tenants can contact you regardless of whether they are paying members or not.
  • Exposure: All functionality from Top and open advertising as well as increased exposure on Facebook, ads become more visible in similar ads in the same area, it is guaranteed to be included in surveillance emails for the same area and it is also shown in nearby areas.


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If you have difficulty renting out your rental property, it may be a good idea to buy one of these products. But which of the products should you choose?

  • Top ad is particularly relevant for those who rent out in the larger cities and towns in Sweden. Your ad is sure to be visible to all applicants in the area in which it is placed.
  • Open ad is good for those who rent out in areas where the demand for ads may not be as great as in big cities.
  • Exposure is for you who want to reach as many people as possible.

There is room for three top ads in any one search. If there are several top ads that match a search, the ads will be continuously rotated in the field where they are visible. In this way, we ensure that all top ads get the same amount of exposure.

Most applicants on BostadsPortal often log in (several times per day) to see if new rental properties have arrived. So it may happen that your ad is not one of the first when the tenant makes his search, but that it is among the first in the following search or the search after that. One can also manually rotate the wheel by clicking the option to see more featured ads.

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