Operating costs

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These are the costs you have to be able to live in the home. For example, expenses such as home insurance, electricity, water, garbage collection or community fees. These operating costs do not include amortization or interest on housing loans.


What is included in the running costs for a villa, house or residential property?

The operating cost, and what is included, depends on whether you live in a house or apartment, own your home or rent.

The operating cost of a house or villa is usually:

  • Home Insurance
  • Heat
  • Water
  • El
  • Garbage collection
  • Drain
  • Sweeping
  • Community and road association fees
  • Other costs connected to the accommodation (such as alarm, water filter, maintenance of pool or heat pump)

This list is not fact, but only examples of what can be included.


What is included in the operating costs for apartments and residential property?

In the operating cost of a residential property, you can often include electricity, home insurance with residential property supplement and heating. Garbage collection is often handled by the housing association, the same applies to community fees for snow removal and road maintenance. This may also differ from association to association. If you live in a rental property, electricity and insurance are usually included in the operating costs, and the landlord is usually responsible for other costs.

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